Monday, September 15, 2008

The post that wasn't..

I had a whole post typed out and it was good.. really good, if I do say so myself.. Of course the powers that be smote me & that post is now gone in the great vastness of accidentally deleted cyberspace. I'll get back to that one & redo it but I just don't have time right now :)

For now I'll just fill ya in on some other stuff...

Drama Queen has her first real crush- and with an OLDER Man.. ohhh who doesn't like a good 8th grade boy? It brings me back to those years & all the OMG, he bumped me in the hall- totally on purpose. Daddy Chaos is less than thrilled & is threatening to lock her in her room til she's at least 30 (which totally makes me laugh b/c hello Daddy Chaos is only 32.. lol). Drama Queen came home last week floating on air- literally, I dont think her feet even touched the ground once!

DQ : I had the absolute BEST day today!

Momma: Soo, what'd you do to make it so great?

DQ: Sandra totally bet me a pop that I wouldn't talk to Clay. And I really wanted that pop, so I went and talked to him.

Momma: yeah it was totally about the pop huh? And WTH is up with your pop machines being on during school hours? Ours never were! I'm going to complain, you guys don't need pop (really just irritated that mine were always off- why do they get pop? Huh? Huh?)

DQ: (totally ignoring my pop speech) .. and then when I was back at my locker, he totally bumped into me. :sigh:

Lol, to be so clueless & young again :) Daddy Chaos is still grumbling about it.

Attitude King has been having some health issues lately , so we're heading to the dr this afternoon to make sure that it's nothing serious. Surely it's just gas or heartburn but better safe than sorry right?!

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