Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why is it that I always get stuck with the people who either don't want to do their job, or are just simply clueless? Baby Bug's caseworker came for a homevisit today. We were discussing what the plan was now. I received the caseplan (written before Birthmom's trip up the river) and have yet to sign my agreement. Probably b/c I don't agree.. Even though Birthmom was free at the time, the caseplan is written like a 4yo high on sweet tarts & koolaid. I'm not even going to get into it- let's just leave it like that.

So I commented that I had not signed the caseplan and wondered if she was going to file an amendment since both birthparents are in jail for the unforseeable future?

Her response : uhmm, I don't know?

Ok, how about TPR. Are you filing for TPR now?

Her response: well we have to wait 6mo after dispositional so that's another.. uhmm 5months?

Ok, you don't think that the fact that the bps will be in jail for quite some time therefore NOT working a caseplan would mean you should be able to .. I dunno.. file NOW?

Her response: Oh well, maybe? I don't know.

The whole visit went like that. She'd feed me her thoughts on protocol and then when I'd point out the obvious she'd be all- ohh uhmm I dunno.. I'm sure I"m being harder on her than normal but I'm FRUSTRATED dammit!

I swear I'm going to find my own inner Buffy one of these days.. Then they had all better watch out!


  1. oh oh oh, just reading this post has brought up such feelings of anger. I totally know how you are feeling. I often wonder just how these caseworkers get their jobs....seriously.
    I just realized that our other Foster Son we were placed with last year was born today. He is now one year old. I have not seen him since he was removed to live with his Birth mother's Aunt and Uncle when he was just over a month old. I guess I am still hurting from that experience.

    Good luck with your situation.

  2. Aww Brenda, I'm sorry that you're still hurting over the loss of your foster son. That must have been hard! Oddly something I really haven't experienced yet. ALthough we never got into fostercare to adopt- out of our 6placements 3 are/were adoptable. 1 was a respite that we did off and on several times, another was a sibling group only here 4days before being moved to a home that could accomodate them all & the last was a little one that was here just two weeks before being RU'd with his parents. Thanks so much for your thoughts!


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