Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reason # 41 to always look before you act..

Setting- Drool Prince in a shopping cart w/ lots of bags. Grandma Cowie (don't ask) unloading bags into car..

Drool Prince: uh oh. Finger boo boo.

Gma Cowie: aww, you hurt your finger? Here I'll kiss it.

*kisses said finger & resumes unloading bags into trunk*

Drool Prince : Finger boo boo. FINGER BOO BOO.

Gma Cowie: You hurt your finger again? Let me see..

-Gma Cowie this time actually looks at said finger and realizes two things :

1. Always look before you kiss.

2. Finger boo boo & Finger BOOGER sound very similar in Drool Prince talk.

Can we just say ewwwwwwww.. Better her than me though!

1 comment:

  1. ewwwww! I am squirming all over the place. I seriously thought it was going to be Poo Poo instead of a buger!!!! LOL


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