Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2am Musings

**My dog snores.. Not puppy snores, oh no not my dog. She sounds like a full sized human male sleeping on the couch with a beer in one hand & remote in the other. (note- Daddy Chaos doesn't drink but it doesn't sound as good as saying a pop in one hand.. lol)

**No matter how much I wiggle and bounce on the bed (a waterbed at that) Daddy Chaos sleeps right thru the middle of the night feeding/fussings of Baby Bug. Not that I try to wake him up, that would be mean right?

**Do you know how hard it is to hold a hungry baby & measure the correct amount of formula into a bottle all with your eyes only half open? - note to self, make bottles before attempting sleep. It'll be easier, believe me.

** I miss my bed.. I wonder when Baby Bug will start being more accepting of his cradle? Tomorrow would be great, I'd say tonite but come on, I've already wasted half of it on the couch.. lol


  1. I am so sorry that baby bug is not sleeping on his own yet. that has got to be hard! I remember when we got placed with our bug and it was so hard. It was all new and we were totally not prepaired for an infant, but I am glad we did it none the less. And yes, after about a month of trying to make the formula with a crying hungry baby in the middle of the night was a JOKE! We quickly learned to make up two bottles before heading to bed and just warming them up when needed worked wonders! YEA!

  2. My little fellah is 15 months old and still wakes frequently. The first waking after I've gone to bed (he's already woken once or twice before then) I give my hubby a good night squeeze and baby and I curl up in the spare bed in his room, with a (pre made-up) heated bottle of milk, and that's where we stay till morning. He's returning home in a few months but as his family is Asian and tend to co-sleep too, they'll hopefully continue with night wakings in the same vein as me.


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