Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sleepovers are Fun!

Baby Bug still refuses to sleep for more than 45mins unless you are holding him. He'll take Daddy Chaos b/c he's a furnace & Baby Bug loves the heat, but he's a boob man at heart & definitely prefers to be snuggled up with me. After various attempts at getting sleep Any. Way. I. Can. we came up with a new idea.

You see, our loveseat rocks & reclines.. nice for naps with the baby on my chest, pillows piled on each side - cozy and comfy. So Daddy Chaos & I had a sleepover up in the living room all weekend long. He said he was my "bottle bitch" and would get up and get them whenever I smacked him. I don't talk much in the wee hours of the morning- that takes too much energy, so a nice smack to the belly works better for me !Lol! Baby Bug was perfectly happy to sleep almost 5 1/2hrs last nite- probably b/c he was sleeping on me the entire nite?

I actually tried to abandon the sleepover on the second night to go downstairs to bed at like 11pm b/c I really missed my bed and the stupid AC was jacked up and not kicking on like it was supposed to, but of course he woke right up and looked at me with a look that clearly said :
WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? Why would you possibly think you could lay me down? Stupid woman.

Yes, he said all that with one simple look :) Talented boy isn't he? lol.

So the sleepover worked the entire weekend. Sadly, the weekend was over too soon & now I have to be my own bottle bitch all week long. :sigh: The things I do for love.

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