Sunday, August 3, 2008

Visits of another kind.

Although Birthmom's visits have stopped due to her new extended stay in the place of the state's choice, her sister (one of many) requested a visit. Gangster Gina is a very friendly person with a bit of a hard core. Although raised in a small rural community, she talks like a gangster from the hood. I've met her a few times over the course of Drool Prince's case & felt comfortable meeting her outside of DCS (with approval of course) for a visit with the boys. Incidentally she has just one child- a month younger than Drool Prince. She's the only one of that family that doesn't have a record of some sort, she still has custody of her child & appears to be doing her best. The CW approved of us exchanging phone numbers (cell only of course, I'm not that blonde). Once Birthmom's visits ended, I had a bit more time on my hands so I called Gangster Gina to see if she wanted to attempt a playdate between the boys.

We planned on meeting at the pool, but as plans normally go astray Gangster Gina's ride didn't show up. So backup was called in the form of Casa & we all went to Gangster Gina's house to pick her up and go to the park.

The boys hit it off right away, it was sweet and a bit sad to see how much alike & how well they got along. Bittersweet that the three moms (birthmom, gangster gina & a 3rd sister pg at the same time)had planned on their boys being the best of friends and growing up together. In the end only Gangster Gina kept her son.

Casa, Gangster Gina , Baby Bug & I sat on this huge bench swing and chatted. I offered her up the baby to hold & she held him and posed for a few pictures. When she handed him back to me, she calmly commented that Birthmom & grandma had told her to contact the caseworker about getting custody of Baby Bug. I'm pretty sure I just stared at her like a fish out of water, my mouth opening and closing on it's own.

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