Sunday, July 27, 2008

My favorite piece of furniture.

I love my bed. It's a nice waveless king size waterbed.. With lots and lots of comfy pillows. It's snuggly. I miss my bed. I really really miss it.

Maybe one day in the not to far off future, Baby Bug will realize that his bed is a wonderful hypnotic cradle of wonder and will allow himself to be laid down there to sleep again. He really likes to tease me. Last nite he laid in his own crib for an entire HOUR!! Yes people, an hour of bliss in my own bed.. Which in reality just makes it that much harder to get out of when Baby Bug insists that I pick him up and hold him so that he can sleep. I'm not ashamed to admit that tears were shed , and he wasn't too happy either.

Another night spent on the couch. I hope my bed doesn't forget me!

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