Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Take one and pass them around.

Gas mask that is.. You're going to need it if you want to hang out here..

Baby Bug has a bit of a sensitive tummy. We worried about it not knowing if it's due to his less than stellar prenatal care, preemie status or if maybe he's going to be allergic to all things consumable like Drool Prince. He started out on the high calorie formula because of his preemie status but by the time he came to us at 2wks old he was doing great and put on regular formula by the pediatrican.

We noticed right away that Baby Bug was fussy after eating. Sure, he ate good, gained weight but always had a tummy ache. So we got him switched over to the "Gentle Ease" formula- partially broken up proteins supposedly easier on the tummy and reduces gas & fussiness.

The fussiness- GONE! Woohoo!.. Gas, not so much.. The boy smells like rotten eggs. Believe me it's not a pretty sight smell..

So although I need to invest in a gas mask , I get by with looking at this adorable little being.. It's really too bad ya'll can't see how cute he is.. Be happy with his feet- cuz they're dang cute feet !

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