Thursday, July 3, 2008

Three weeks later..

After three weeks, we are finally in a routine with 5 kiddos. Now if only we could get Baby Bug to sleep anywhere other than our arms we'd be really doing good. I'm still existing on little to no sleep which makes for a bit grumpier than normal Momma. Alas, it can't be helped.. This too shall pass, hopefully we all make it out alive.. ok at least pray that the majority of us make it out alive k? I mean after all, I have 5 kids now. I can always spare one or two.. KIDDING! Totally kidding!

Since I've been neglecting you something fierce for the past few weeks , I figured I should give you a brief update on everyone!

Drama Queen ~ now that we've hit the 1/2 birthday, she's counting down the days til she's 13. According to her theory- all things will change immediately upon that magical 13th birthday. She will suddenly be 'grown up'. Stop it! 12 is plenty old enough for me and I still don't know how it happened! Something that really stuck out to me this summer is how much Drama Queen is like I was. She prefers to hang out with older friends vs her own age- her two fav. friends to hang with are her almost 17yo niece (which could be a post in itself about how did she get soo old! I remember when SHE was born.. lol.) & a family friend's newly 18yo daughter. Sadly, they love hanging with her so I guess she is more mature than her 12yrs.. either that or those girls are immature? lol! My best friends are 5, 12 & 16 yrs older than me... yup, I guess we are alike.

Attitude King ~ finally finished up baseball!! They won two tropheys- one for tournament champs & one for season champs. They were undefeated :) I'd like to brag and say they were just that good.. but I'm sure there was quite a bit of luck involved.

Spoiled Princess ~ is at that point where naps are still necessary if we all want to live thru the day, yet they are such a horrible punishment for mommy to hand out. Ohh the agony of a nap. Horrible I tell you! She is absolutely loving the new baby.. Funny enough, Drool Prince stayed at a friends for a few hours when we first brought Baby Bug home so Spoiled Princess was certain that we must have traded her baby DP off on the new baby Bug. It was too cute!

Drool Prince ~ still well in his terrible twos- full tantrums/screaming/hitting & now kicking. It was so fun at disney to get looks from people in front of you , only to look down and realize that DP was kicking them. He just discovered that hey this leg swings and feels funny so he tends to kick everything and everyone.. Fun times! He is loving his new brother :) He runs around the house like the tazmanian devil and then comes to a sudden stop to give the baby a quick kiss on the check & a rub on the head. It's enough to melt me every time.

Baby Bug ~ well what can you say about a newborn? He is now 5wks old and just finally passed his actual due date. He's gained 3lbs & grown almost 2 inches! He loves to be held close and still has his eyes closed most the time. We always tease that he's like a puppy. His ears are still kinda stuck down to his head & his eyes aren't open yet.. lol! Newborn sweetness is enough to get anyone thru a week with very little sleep :)

More to update on other issues later but I'm out of time for now :)

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