Friday, May 16, 2008

Wrong.. It's just wrong I tell ya!

Ya'll remember Fetch? The over enthusiastic coach's son? This is about him.. Fetch is a cute boy (once you get past his tantrum throwing). Drama Queen pointed it out to me last year & yeah I agree, he's cute in a 10yo boy kinda way.

New gossip- Drama Queen is now BBF with Fetch.. She had Attitude King set it up..

AK: Hey Fetch, my big sister wants to be your best friend, is that cool?
Fetch: Sure, cool..

Uhmm ok , what 10yo doesnt' want to be BFF with a cute 12yo girl?
Drama Queen is currently swearing (while blushing) that she isn't going out with him- geesh mom! I just want to be friends with someone on the team so I can hang out in the dugout and I picked him...

yeah, right.. Regardless this is wrong on soo many levels.. lol. I reminded Drama Queen of how immature she says Attitude King is and sister, believe me- Fetch is 10x worse..

Then I had to tell Attitude King- DUDE, you do NOT set up your friends with your sister! Hello?! You're supposed to be telling them that she smells or something?!

In the end, I get to sit back and giggle about the whole situation. Who'd have thunk?! Hey, maybe being BFF's with your little brothers friend, will lead to you being more friendly with your own brother?! Wonders never cease!

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