Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bad choice in survey choosing..

I received a letter from a state university who is doing a study to provide feedback to DCS.. My name was randomly selected (two years in a row) to complete said survery..

Hooooboy.. I really don't think they want to hear my true feelings. As I sat at my desk filling it out apparently I was having a bit too much fun..

Daddy Chaos - Uhmm, hun.. What are you evil laughing about?
Momma Chaos- Me?? Evil laughing? Ohh sorry, I didn't realize I was doing that out loud..

Hey I was truthful and that's what they want right?! Sooo..

Let's go thru a few together (just my favorites of course cuz I'm partial like that)- note you get to answer *strongly disagree, *disagree, *somewhat disagree, *neither agree nor disagree, *somewhat agree, *agree, *strongly agree..

~DCS workers develop relationships with foster parents based on honesty and openness.. *m'kay...let's not go into that..

~DCS workers are respectful in their interactions with me.
* HELL NO.. I wish I could have have written that in.. Instead I marked STRONGLY DISAGREE as darkly as I could.. In fact, I just went back while typing it to you & redarkened it some more.. Strong feelings there? uhmm yeah.. Moving on..

~In my experience, DCS does everything possible to keep siblings together. * OMG where do I start there.. Another very darkened in Strongly Disagree.. I feel like I should turn the page over and give a full page report on what is wrong with DCS.. lol.

There is a place for comments at the end but since I had to check how long I've been a foster parent, what race I am , & also what county I work with-- uhm yeah I kinda don't feel safe putting too much in the comments.. But boyo, wait til we're done with fostercare b/c then I will be letting everyone at State level know what really happens..

Fun times, I tell ya!!

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