Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is in a name?

Spoiled Princess is very into all things Princess.. She has a princess sheet, pillow case & blanket that she MUST have to go to bed with. It's her "princess" bed..

Lately she's taken to insisting that we refer to her as Princess Abby (if her name were Abby, which it is not- just for reference). I not Abby ,mommy.. I Princess Abby.. ohhhh kay, then..

Now all the sudden in the last few days MY name has changed.. No longer am I just Mommy (or Momma-Mommy), I am now Princess Mommy..

Can we say obsessed? Of course Drool Prince still loudly proclaims that "I a Princess tooo Mommy".. Spoiled Princess is always quick to remind him- you not a princess , you a KING.. Ahh well, at least they know they're royalty right?!

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