Monday, May 19, 2008

Just a day at the ballpark

Baseball is tiring.. Even if you aren't actually playing the game..

Attitude King won a ticket (plus hot dog, soda and free prize- which ended up just being a folder.. ohhh ahh a FOLDER) to a minor league baseball game thru his reading program at school. [Drama Queen did as well- but her school took them during the school day, whilst AK's school elected to let us Parents take them (and buy tickets for the rest of the family...) on a Sunday.. Whole 'nother story there..]

So off we went- our family of 6 to the baseball park. Of course the game didn't start til 2pm but they were leading all the kids on a little parade around the field in honor of their reading accomplishment.. So we had to be there at 1pm. No biggie, we had nothing planned for the day.

Let me just tell you that place was PACKED!! They had all us 'school' people sitting over on the cheap bleachers- not protected from the wind and brrrr was it cold- , while the actual nice seats (protected from the wind and like 10* warmer, plus alot more comfy) were basically empty.. I think we all looked longingly at those seats for a while but no one had the guts to sneak over.. Besides, that wouldn't be right. I'd never do that.. I wouldn't.. Shut up!

We ended up staying for the first 5 innings and then we left. Spoiled Princess was COLD and wanted to 'go home NOW', Drool Prince refused to sit still, didn't want to stand up, didn't want to sit on anyone's lap.. Yeah he was just antsy - couldn't be because he missed his nap.. nah, that'd never do it.. lol..

If we go again, we're definitely springing for the better seats.. Oh yeah and leaving the youngest two at home tied to their beds so we can actually watch any of the game. I swear I lost an entire inning between covering Spoiled Princess up again & tell Drool Prince to either sit down or stand up for the love of PETE!

The car was filled with the sound of snoring (yes my kids all snore, it's a beautiful symphony like sound.. Not) as the entire car gave in to what results in lots of outdoor time- outdoor time complete with wind--well except for us adults cuz ya know one of us was driving and the other of us was talking nonstop- no I'm not saying who is who.. shush!

I totally missed out on taking a picture of Daddy Chaos to share. He is (as he claims) just a White Boy.. the first sun of the year turns him into a lobster.. Even though the sun hide behind the clouds for most of the day, Daddy Chaos still managed to come home lobster'ish.. Lord only help us when we go to Disney in a few weeks!

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