Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why you should always get dressed upon getting out of bed..

I will share with you my embarrassment only as a learning tool. Do. Not. Do. What. I. Do...

I always roll out of bed by 7am to wake up the school aged munchkins. As they are getting ready for school, I sit on the couch with my eyes half opened (ok ok, mostly closed- but they're open at least a slit!) barking orders :
"Take the dogs out potty"
"No you can not wear flipflops when it's only 46* outside, I dont care if
it's supposed to get up to 60*. The answer is still NO."
"Get your coats!"

Yeah, I'm a great mom like that..

After the school group gets on the bus (ha, group makes it sound like soo many more than 2 but sometimes -especially in the morning- it seems like there are more than 2 of them), it is normally a cue for the youngest to wake up.

On this particular morning, by 8am both little ones are up & drinking their milk/formula. We have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the tv & are all sitting in our PJs watching TV enjoying our morning drink.. I should note that my hair has not been brushed yet & is looking very uhmmm.. messy? skanky? bedheadish?- yeah well it's just not looking good to say the least!

The unspeakable happened to me. The Doorbell RANG.. oh yes it did. I tried to ignore it because quite honestly no one comes to my house at 8:30am so why should I answer it? Maybe it's just the UPS man who just does a courtesy ring & then runs for his truck. But then the KNOCKING started.. aaaaaaaaargh! Did they not get the picture when I didn't answer to the ring?

Well now that they are being persistent -the dogs are barking and Drool Prince has run to the front window to find out who is out there.. Now I Have to answer the door b/c they can clearly see that we're home, what with Drool Prince making a spectacle of himself in the front window.. ugh..

So picture this- me in my pink nitegown w/ glow in the dark moons (yeah, it couldn't have even been classy pj's) with a throw blanket, answering the door only to find one of the DCS supervisors on my doorstep.. Double ACK!!

Apparently we had a homevisit scheduled for today.. And while I always write it down in my planner, apparently someone forgot to switch it from the handwritten planner over to the computer's planner.. If it's not in the computer calendar , then I dont get a reminder and uhmm yeah, I just dont remember it. Having been thru three pregnancies, I just dont have much memory left..

Things went fine with the homevisit. The supervisor was very understanding and just laughed it off. I'm still embarrassed but oh well, what can ya do?!

*Moral of the story - ALWAYS get showered and dressed IMMEDIATELY upon getting out of bed (lol I wrote bread the first time and why would anyone be getting out of bread?)


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has had this happen. Unfortunately I did not learn my lesson the first time it happened. Just the other day I think I scarred the FedEx man for life when he rang the bell at 8am. Of course, if you ring the bell at 8am then you DESERVE to be scarred for life anyway so I'm trying not to feel too badly about the whole encounter.

  2. OMGosh girl! That is toooooo funny!! This would be one reason I never ever schedule anything before noon! Even then I may forget to get dressed. Woes of a SAHM with little kiddlets!

  3. Woops! LOL If I wasn't a hermit who lived under a rock, that could totally happen to me! I'm never dressed and looking decent until at least 1:00!


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