Monday, May 5, 2008

Just another day..

I have so many things going on inside my head.. It's really no wonder I have this Jinormous stress headache. What else can you expect?
Friday's phone call didn't result in anything.. Just another case of a teasing- all talk, no results..
You see Drool Prince's birthmom called me. We haven't seen her in five weeks because she has not been showing up to her weekly visits (fun that I get to drive over 30mins each way and she only has to travel 4 blocks- ROUNDTRIP)~ lots of excuses as to why she hasn't shown up who knows if they're true or not.
I digress... Back to the point- she called to tell me that she realizes she's not going to win the TPR trial, that no court in their right mind is going to just hand him back over to her when she has no job, no house and is pregnant again (her words, not mine). She is going to surrender her rights. I feel bad for her. God, I'm soo conflicted in my feelings for her..
Anger, sympathy, disgust, sorrow, disappointment, understanding.. I think that could be a whole thread in itself.
Push comes to shove and she didn't show up at court today. No mention of surrendering..Honestly, I would have been surprized if anything had actually come of it- but we can always dream right?! So now we plow on towards TPR..


  1. sorry you got no where. i feel the frustration.

  2. I know how you might be feeling. My son's birth family (birth parents and relatives) continue to say things they are going to do and then they seem to fall flat on their faces. I always seem to feel disappointed and sorry for them, and can only wish for the best for them, even though I just want to be gone- out of our life, but alas, they are apart of my son's genetic make up so I have to try and keep that connection with them until he is old enough to make up his own mind if he wants to make a go at a relationship with them. I have several years to go tell then since he just turned 3 in March. uggg. But I will make it work.
    All you can do it try to see her through the eyes of Jesus and Heavenly Father, and put it in their hands and let it go. You can only do what you can, and she ultimately has every right to make her own decisions about her life and her choices.

  3. Thanks Shannon! I know you're right there with me in the frustration!

    Brenda- thanks so much for your comment. You are right, there's only so much I can do and I can't make her choose the right path. Somedays I feel like she's one of mine & I need to help guide her (ridiculous considering she's older than I am.. lol). I do care for Drool Prince's birthparents & wish they would have straightened up long ago. I guess I need to let it go and realize that I can't save everyone right? I'm definitely planning on keeping contact with them- bc like you said, they are a part of his genetic makeup and I feel I owe it to him to keep some sort of contact.


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