Saturday, May 3, 2008

'Tis the Season...

Baseball season that is.. Today starts the hectic season of running to the ballpark for practices, games... overpriced ballpark food (because you know no one is happy if they can't get at least one snack while they're sitting on the bleachers for 2hrs watching their brother play) and just general chaos. Thank goodness

Drama Queen decided to quit softball.. Bad of me to say huh?!

At least this year, we'll only be running over there for 1 kid. And we'll ALL be able to watch an entire game instead of being split up and running back and forth between the two because of course when you have two kids playing on two seperate teams they just always seem to be at the SAME time.. (how's that for the runon sentence of the year?)..

Practice began a few weeks ago... But today is the first official GAME.. Attitude King is playing 3rd base.. a new position for him. He's played baseball since he was in kindergarten (which believe me seems a lot longer ago than it really was.. lol) and has always been catcher- til last year.. Then he was in outfield, now he's 3rd base.. Whatever works right?!

On a completely unrelated matter~ I had a phone call from the oddest person last nite. I dont really want to talk about it yet but if things go as said, I'll update Monday.. Weird that this person called , but we'll see :) Ya know I love me a little suspense ! Happy weekend!

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  1. Have a fun season!

    Btw, thanks for visiting me this weekend while I've been in bed recovering. Your comments cheered me up!


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