Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Winning 9 to 5...

We won!! The baseball game that is.. 9 to 5, kicked some serious booty.. Yeah yeah, they're only 10yo boys .. I know, I know.. But still it's fun :)

Our team (ok AttitudeKing's team ~ whatever) consists of 4-5 players from last year & 4-5 players that moved up to this age division this year. I like our team. I like our coaches- normally.

We missed a practice game a few weeks ago. It was an impromptu practice game- we were only notifed the day before.. Unfortunately for us, it was on a day when DramaQueen had a sleep over, AttitudeKing spent the nite at the grandparents' & when all was said and done I plum forgot about the practice game.. Boy did I hear it the next day. Coach Serious called me up going on and on about how it was very hard to play w/o the 3rd baseman and if we werent' going to be there then please let him know so they could 'call someone up' .. Uhmm sorry, I didnt know ahead of time that I was going to FORGET this spur of the moment game. Excuse me. I promised it would never happen again and groveled at his feet so he'd quit yelling. Yes this story does have a point..

One of our pitchers is Coach Serious' son - I'll call him Fetch (ok quit, I'm not making fun of the kid.. If you knew his real name you'd agree that this nickname works). The kid seriously gets on my nerves and I'm sure he's just a product of his overly serious dad. Our first game (which we won also! woohoo boys!) , Fetch was on 2nd base and tried to steal 3rd base. He slid into 3rd base and got out. Fetch promptly rolled over and burst into tears complete with pounding on the ground. Officials rushed over thinking he's hurt... No, just mad that he got out.. The boy has attitude issues but with the way his dad can be at times I guess it's to be expected?!

Last night's game went pretty well. No one got seriously injured(which is always a plus in 10yo baseball). As I was saying earlier, our team is divided 1/2 older kids and 1/2 younger kids. It's hilarious to realize that apparently this is the age when the boys really shoot up. Somewhere between 9-10yrs b/c all the 10yos are absolute GIANTS compared to the 9yos..

Our batting string starts off with all the best batters (mostly 10yo's but one really awesome 9yo in there)... Fetch is a good hitter but on occasion strikes out- which normally results in him stomping off the field and throwing the bat at the fence..Attitude King up to bat... For some reason the pitchers have the hardest time pitching to AttitudeKing. I am sure it has something to do with the way he squats real low but he's almost always walked..

Then come the little 9yo's .. They look like little babies- it's soo cute, you want to just reach out and squeeze their cheeks! The tiniest one gets right up there and stands his ground, no jumping out of the box to avoid an inside ball.. not really sure if this is b/c he's brave or just doesn't realize that if that if it hits him- HELLO it's gonna hurt bad! Last nite he should have dodged but stood his ground and got hit in the leg with a ball (OUCH) but shook it off and took his base..

Then we have who can only be dubbed as 'the baton twirler'. I swear to you I heard soo many people hollaring at this kid..

Yes we are a good cheering squad- Good job, nice swing.. aww you struck out but hey GOOD TRY.. And if they do something great then oh my gawd you should hear the uproar or applause..

Baton Twirler stands at home plate. He swings his bat around one handed like a samuri sword and then finally puts both hands on it. Waits for the pitch... The minute the ball leaves the pitcher's hand , BT takes his bottom hand off the bat and steps back out of the box.. EVERY SINGLE TIME! It does not matter if it's a ball, perfect strike or what. Every. Single. Time. the boy steps back..

The crowd keeps yelling at him -
'Come on BT, quit twirling that bat like a baton and get up there to hit!'
'STAY in the box! You can do it just quit backing out'
'For the love of Pete, would you stay in there?!'

By the last inning, the coach would just shake his head and look away.. Baton Twirler struck out every time without ever staying in the box or keeping ahold of his bat..

We do have another baseball player in the making. DroolPrince is very into watching the game ,when he's not busy
-buckling the seatbelt of his stroller over and over (again mommy, again)
- laying on my lap and finding Lumpy, Roo, Tigger & Piglet in the clouds above us
- drooling sticky sucker drool all over his hands - ooh sticky..

Both Spoiled Princess & Drool Prince are a great little personal cheering block for Attitude King. The minute they see him on the field they start hollaring - GO AK! GO AK! GO! They clap anytime they hear someone else clap and yell YAHHHH!!

But my absolute favorite is their own little version of chatter-
Hey ba ba ba ba.. Hey ba ba ba ba.. (they sound like they're calling sheep).. The only downfall is they haven't figured out that we should only chatter when the OTHER team is up to bat.. Ahh well, they'll learn with time :)

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