Friday, March 7, 2008

Only in fostercare..

Drool Prince will be TWO this weekend! TWO years have passed already! I'm friends with a great group of women who's babies all share the same birthday.. Today on the group they were all posting the exact times of birth to see who was oldest ect..

So I look in my records- nope no time.. I have written down that he was born sometime in the noon hour (based on what the cw said when I was called that day) but no exact time.. So I think Surely. Surely the birth certificate will have that info??

Nope- I have got to have the most worthless birth certificate I've ever seen in my life.. No time of birth, no father listed, no birthplace of mother.. GEESH!

Only in fostercare do you encounter this kind of situation. Until he's adopted I'm allowed to get his birth records so I cannot honestly say that I have any idea of exactly what time my youngest son entered this world..

Of course with birthdad in jail & birthmom MIA- I couldn't even ask them.. I am not really too shocked (ok I am but still) that birthmom didn't even bother to call in for her visit today. You would really think that you would want to visit with your son right before his 2nd birthday.. Ohh well..

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