Monday, March 10, 2008

The big 2 !

**edited to remove pic after reg. readers had their chance to see it! lol! I'm a big wimp **
A day late, a dollar short. Isn't that how it always is around here?

Just wanted to share Drool Prince's new hair do.. He loves it-probably because momma isn't chasing after him with a pick or comb trying to get the knots out of his very curly hair! This will have to suffice for his bday picture as well since I didn't take any non-face shots yesterday on his bday! lol! (fostercare policy and all, can't share pics of the boy online )..
I meant to post this yesterday and OMG I simply cannot believe that he's TWO already!? Where did the time go?! It seems like just yesterday I got the call for him & was waiting anxiously to go pick him up at the hospital! Two is such a big age- no longer a baby, now a toddler :( Plus he's my youngest, my baby.. It's hard to realize how quickly he grew up.. His babyhood seemed to last longer than the others~ perhaps b/c of all his medical issues and all the hospital visits/stays ect.. Regardless I"m sad to see the baby years gone already.
He's such a big boy. Such a sweetie pie. Everyone who meets him tells me that they are sure he's spoiled because who could resist that face?! Too true..
I sit here and await the day that we can adopt him & make him 100% legally ours.. Hopefully that day comes sooner rather than later .. As of right now, DCS says maybe summer?!
Happy birthday my baby boy!!

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  1. Awww! I wish I could see his adorable little face. In good time I suppose. :-) Happy Birthday big guy!!!!!


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