Friday, March 14, 2008

Black or White? Does color really matter?

What a week I've had... Last night, we went to an Adoption Support Group meeting. It began thru our foster parent licensor & is worth credit hours (woohoo). I picked this particular month because they were discussing "Adopting Outside of Your Race" which is definitely a topic near and dear to my heart.

I must admit that I am very naive about the whole adopting Drool Prince. To me, he's my son~ I dont care what color he is. We live in a very predominantly 'white' neighborhood- so much so that there is only 1 family (with school age kids) in our system that are black (afro american, african american, whatever you want to use because believe me EVERYONE uses a different term!). This family is actually African as in straight from Africa. Now I admit it could be my own kids who are a bit color blind since they've had a biracial sibling for 2yrs now, but for the longest time I had no clue that there were anything but 'white' kids in their school.. They don't recognize color or disabilities just friends. I guess the point that I'm being naive is that probably not ALL kids are like that? I'm not really sure if the current kids in our school system have had issues but buddy believe me if MY son has any issues when he's old enough for school I will be in there laying down the law.. lol

An interesting question was brought up (there were two different black foster parents that have white kids) about whether society regards the sets differently. Which is seen as 'more wrong' -
-a set of white parents with a black child


-a set of black parents with a white child?

Honestly I think everyone (except one parent) agreed that society is more comfortable with a white family adopting a black child & not the other way around.. I myself agree that it would be perceived as more 'normal' but it irritates me!! In this day and age people still are looking at COLOR?! What is wrong with our society? Good parents are good parents regardless of what color their skin is!!

We had one set of friends who -while always fawning over Drool Prince and how cute he was- would ask when he'd be moving to another family to adopt him. Meaning a black family. They've since gotten over it and accepted that he is a part of our lives and always will be but it irritated me! I'm good enough to foster him but Heaven Forbid I adopt him?!

Ahh well, I digress... Overall, it was a very interesting group and I really enjoyed it! I think we'll start going every month :)! Plus May is "Hair & Skincare" woohooo!! Just what I need! LOL!!

I have soo much information (read: gossip) that I got at court on Weds.. I'll try to post about it later when I can wrap my mind around it all without a stress headache! LOL!

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