Thursday, March 6, 2008

Big News!

I just have to share my news ----------sommmmmmmmmmmewhere!! So bloggy friends, here I am shouting it out to you!!

As per the 'addendum' to the filed caseplan for Drool Prince :
- DCS will proceed with TPR on birthmom.
- DCS will now cancel the ICPC for birthdad.
- DCS will now begin TPR proceedings on birthdad.

Yup- birthdad screwed up Royally.. Not even a little.. no siree. He screwed up soo badly that as we speak he is still sitting in jail on a very hefty bond with more felony charges than I can count on one hand. He was arrested about an hour after dropping MY SON off from his all day visit- that in itself pisses me off to no end.

Now don't get me wrong- I really liked birthdad. He is one of those people that you just can't help but like- very smooth operator.. He's funny, sweet, always complimenting, actually gets down on the floor to play with his kids.. Great guy right?

Yup, except for the drug dealing- probably won't put you at the top of my list of people I want to be seen hanging out with..

Dude- how could you screw up soo badly? I was actually looking forward to the open adoption and being able to keep a part of Drool Prince's past somewhat active in his life. Not sure how easy that will be when that part of the past is now looking at lots and LOTS of years in prison if convicted :(

I'm sad for Drool Prince who will most likely never get to have a good relationship with his biological parents who continuously choose drugs over him. I'm sad for birthdad that he got back involved in this type of life. I'm sad for birthmom who has never been able to get away from this type of life. I probably feel worst for her- after all Drool Prince will grow up in a loving home and be taught right from wrong ect, birthdad made his own choices & will have to deal with the consequences.. but birthmom- yes she's an addict, but knowing what I do about her own childhood and how she was raised makes me want to grab her up and just hug her to pieces.

On the upside- because there is always an upside- the goal should be changing towards adoption very soon for us! I'm thrilled that things are things are able to progress for us & that all this newest mess with birthdad was brought to light NOW and not later when Drool Prince could have been affected more..


No update on Spoiled Princess' sibling.. Still waiting on the court date- which ironically no one is at liberty to share with me- that is some time this month.. I'm crossing my fingers for next week since Drool Prince's court is next week. It'd be nice for me since I'll already be there :)


  1. Wow. I'll never understand these parents. My Princess' parents were the exact. same. way. Their priorities are royally screwed up.

    That's good news for you guys though! (((HUGS))) I hope things move along quickly and smoothly.

    Oh, and WHY won't they give you the courtdate?? Isn't that public record? Perhaps you can look it up yourself?

  2. Apparently giving me the court date would be violating Lil Bro's confidentiality. They did tell me if I'd like to get ahold of the birthparents and ask them- birthparents are welcome to share whatever they want with me.. But DCS wouldn't give me any way to get in touch with birthparents either! LOL! Geesh!

    I tried calling the courthouse & CHINS cases are not public record so they won't tell you anything :( You have to be directly related to the case and able to provide the cause # ect to get any information.. BLAH!

    Me thinks it's time to just start stalking the courthouse on CHINS court days??


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