Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another year bites the dust..

An entire decade has now passed since Attitude King joined this world!! 10 short years have flown by & today he's celebrating his double digit birthday!! I still can't believe he's gotten so big sooo fast..

It seems so many times as a new parent you are told- watch out, they grow up fast! When they're little, you can't wait for your child to do their next exciting thing: walking, talking, starting school.. It's all big steps. Then the day comes when you realize exactly how fast all this time has went by. You sit and look at your child wondering how on earth they ever got to be so old?! Wasn't it just yesterday that I was sitting in the hospital in labor? Waiting on my precious second child to join us and quite frankly- GET THE HECK OUT OF MY BELLY!!

I can remember all his little firsts, they are firmly etched in my memory but I still cannot comprehend that he is halfway already more than halfway grown! I now have LESS time than has already passed- less time tucking him into bed.. yes he's over half way to having his own place and tucking himself in bed. Less time convincing him that he must eat at least one bite of the dreaded veggie on his plate.. yup, over halfway to making those decisions on his own & probably living on cheetos for a year.. lol.

Time passes so quickly. It makes me look back and try to cherish all these times as they're here. I dont want to miss a thing! I guess as parents we just have to love them & hope we're raising them to be good, solid, responsible, loving, kind citizens.. This one is definitely a keeper!

To top off his birthday, we got a lovely dumping of snow last nite.. So..... yup, you guessed it -- SNOW DAY!!

Happy 10th birthday Attitude King.. We love you baby!

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