Monday, January 14, 2008

More interesting news...

Well I was all set to share pictures and tell you about Spoiled Princess' latest illness [poor baby was very sick, but I'll share later], but her cold [which is mostly gone] has been trumped with NEWS!!

You see, I emailed Drool Prince's caseworker this morning. We've been playing this little dance with his birth mom- she comes to court dates , has a visit every once in a blue moon , yet always insists that this time she's cleaning up and going to get him back. Back in Dec. they had a hearing to begin TPR (termination of parental rights) to which birthmom did not show. Of course she did not even get a slap on the wrist, they just reset it for 6wks later. For some odd reason I did not write down the actual date [probably because I doubted much would come this time either]. So this morning I was thinking about it [strange how things just pop in your head sometimes isn't it?] and emailed the caseworker to ask her when it was scheduled for... She emailed back and told me that it was indeed THIS MORNING! Hmm, maybe I'm psychic? or maybe I'm just that gooood!

So the good news is NOT that she actually showed up at court.. The good news is that after almost two years [more spent MIA than actually seeing D.Prince] she has stated that she's going to voluntarily terminate her own rights!! Wow! I'm a bit in shock! They've set a new court date for early Feb. for her to actually do that [of course her public defender needs time to talk to her about the implications of it and all]. I'm hoping she follows thru since she has never been a steady presence in Drool Prince's life. Ironically, Birthmom did admit to the caseworker that she is indeed pregnant.. I'm sure she's surrendering in hopes that she'll be out of the lime light and get to keep the new little one [who she claims isn't due for 6months, but she's quite a bit larger and we've been wondering since June if she was]..

So there you have it, my news.. We may actually get to adopt before the boy is three! lol!


  1. Wonderful news!!!! I hope everything works out and she surrenders her rights. I also hope they keep a close eye on her and the new baby to come.

  2. Thanks hun! I'll definitely keep you updated.. I really hope they keep an eye on her and the new baby- for the baby's sake!


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