Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm feeling very BLAH today.. I suppose it could be from waking up at least once an hour last nite to Spoiled Princess crying /whining/moaning--

I tirsty.. I tirsty. My knee hurts weeely weeely bad. I NEED a bandaid...

I'm sorry but I am not one of those people that can just wake up happy , I'm more of the grumpy- leave me alone and go back to sleep NOW type of people. I thought I had gotten very good at ignoring the middle of the nite whines and cries , I could wake up enough to "shhh ,shhhh, shhhhhhh" and go back to sleep.. However, last nite seems to have really robbed me of any quality sleep.

To top it off, Drool Prince missed his nap yesterday AND went to bed an hour late (due to guests being here ~ believe me I"m not normally crazy enough to let both a missed nap and a late bedtime happen in one day!).. So you can guess how lovely he was up til naptime. Put grumpy Drool Prince together with a grumpy mommy and I can tell you that we were both counting the minutes til naptime!

Alas, when we all get some sleep and aren't so grumpy I'm sure I'll have tons of pictures with my new camera to share.. And OMG is it fabulous? I'm bowing to the camera gods right now for sending this one my way :)

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