Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's all about the Potty!

Spoiled Princess has all of the sudden decided that the potty is not such a horrible place after all! She did a complete 360 and is now going in the potty ALL. THE. TIME!! I had finally given up after trying everything.. You see, she has known how to go in the potty for months and months .. its just that she has this personality thing- she only does something when she wants to do it.. Irritating? YES, but I'm learning to live with it.. So one day I told her- all the diapers that were left were just for Drool Prince and she could just wear her pull ups- pee in them or the potty, I don't care.. [ok, perhaps I didn't say it quite like that but still..] We decided that it's about the same cost to buy a pack of size 5 diapers as it is to buy a pack of pullups, so who cares if she pees in them? At least we could pretend we were working towards potty training and that's what counts.. For some reason this little switch flipped over in her mind and BAM- potty all the time! Sure we still have a few accidents but not much, overall it's all potty all the time :) Even with her recent cold [double ear infections + throat infection/strep + 103.5 * fevers= grumpy princess], she has managed to whine that she needed to go potty and made it most of the time.. I am one proud momma :)

On the other hand, being in the bathroom with Spoiled Princess alot of the day has it's downfalls ~ Drool Prince comes into the bathroom alot as well. Some days he sits on the potty chair (if S. Princess is on the big potty), some days he just likes to run in and out being rotten. Like today for example.. It was past naptime [I have definitely noticed that when Drool Prince starts acting obnoxious, it's because he's tired] and D.Prince kept bouncing in and out of the bathroom.. Bounce, bounce , bounce- Hi mommy- big puker up fishie face kisses, then bounce, bounce, bounce - bye bye mommy- back out the door.. Cute? yes, definitely! for the first 5 or so times. On one of his very last bouncing trips in , he distracted me with the big pucker up fishie face kiss and did THIS:
Yes, that would be Drool Prince's new hat In.The.TOILET !! Yuck.. I might have screamed just a tad, probably why the boy bounced back out of the room quickly.. :sigh: it's naptime!

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