Thursday, January 17, 2008

Damn Baby Stealer..

Soo my newest gossip.. I heard thru the grapevine that Drool Prince's birthmom is due in LESS.THAN.A.MONTH!!! Hello?! The exact timeframe I figured based on our discussion this summer.. I'm sooo torn.

This is her 4th child.. She has not raised any of the other 3.

Plus she is an addict and while I'm not saying anything against her [the Lord knows it's very hard to fight addiction],but she's been an addict for a very long time and she wasn't able to clean up for Drool Prince so I'm kind of doubtful that she'll clean up for the new one. I'm sure she's going to try her hardest and quite honestly I've said many a prayer [and I'm not really the praying type- sure I believe in God and all but just kinda figured that we all make our own mistakes and he doesn't have the time to interfere in everyone's lives] for her and that unborn child.. If she can get cleaned up [and stay out of jail] to care for this one then more power to her..

But I still have these lingering thoughts- if she doesn't do it.. I soooooo want that baby.. and that makes me feel like a horrible baby stealer.. I want this sweet sibling for Drool Prince.. A part of me wonders what if she does clean up? How can that be explained to Drool Prince- well yes, your birthmom couldn't clean up for you but she did it for the next child?

Ugh, think what you will but I'm sure many of you deep deep down in the very hidden most part of your heart would feel the same way. I'm probably just the only one stupid enough to admit it.. If you want to bash, feel free.. But if you're the praying type- please say a prayer for that little one that however it happens it will be safe and healthy!


  1. Wow, I so know those feelings! I'll say a prayer for that new baby. I hope he/she will be healthy and safe. Do your workers know you want to the baby if it comes into care?

  2. Thanks!! I did tell the workers that I want the new baby if/when it comes into care.. I plan on going in and speaking to the supervisor as well just to MAKE SURE everyone knows..


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