Thursday, January 31, 2008

Doesn't he look like he has sideburns?

So much has been going on this week that I've neglected you all yet again.. I won't promise to be better because frankly that'd probably just be a promise I'd break. But I will TRY!!

Let's see- just spoke to Drool Prince's EP ( heart rhythm specialist) about his pale episodes.. oops, perhaps I should back up..

You see, Drool Prince has once again started having these pale episodes. You can definitely tell when he's pale- no question about it , being a biracial child pale is PALE. He looks like he has dark sideburns b/c his face turns very pale. Now he used to have these all the time prior to the surgery and would then pass out.. But obviously he hasn't passed out -fainted- fell out- swooned or anything since the lovely little battery back up was installed. Soo, silly me.. I called the idiot ped. that I cannot stand-why , well because he's local and hello I'm going to be in town tomorrow maybe he'll want to just look at him and tell me I'm crazy?? Nope, after a discussion with his nurse I find out that he knows 'nothing about pacemakers' and I should just call the cardiologist to see what they think.. THIS is the man that DCS refuses to allow me to switch my little one from b/c he's 'been with him thru all his issues'.. Uhmm no he hasn't!! He has sent him to the Children's hospital for all his issues- so yeah , sure he's great at referring [after you bug him and bug him that you aren't crazy and know for a fact that something is wrong with your kid] but not so much at actually caring for the said child.. Ahh well.

So anyhoo back to my call- I spoke with the EP's nurse & she said she wasn't sure what was going on but that I should do a phone transmission next time he looks pale.
Have I shared with you yet how FUN phone transmissions are?

We get to put electrodes on Drool Prince's chest & then hook it up to the monitor, call in & then try to get him to sit VERY still so they can do a reading.

Then we get to put the fun magnet over the pacemaker & do another reading (all the while begging and bribing him to sit still- DONT MOVE).. and then we get to put the magnet away and do ....

yep, you guessed it.. one last fun filled reading!! Yippee ! Fun day! Wish us luck!

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  1. Yikes! I hope it goes well and everything turns out to be okay!


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