Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Want a car for your kid??

Come on, who doesn't want a super cool red '65 Mustang for their precious little one? Ok, honestly who doesn't want one for themselves?

But this particular one is a pedal car- just right for your little preschooler or perhaps ambitious toddler? I am sure Spoiled Princess & Drool Prince would be fighting over it if we win!

Because I love you so much [and maybe it's a part of the contest that I share with you-- but I wanna win k?] I'm sharing this opportunity to try to win one from the gals over at 5 minutes for Mom and their cool store full of pedal cars that would thrill my father to pieces! Jump over there and read all about it. I didn't see a deadline ~ so if I were you, I'd hurry my booty over and get signed up!

With that said, all terms are filled and I have to say : Pick me!!! lol :) Good luck everyone!!

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