Sunday, December 2, 2007

Va-JayJays Anyone??

Ok this is sooo not a real post. I just had to let anyone actually reading here know about this other blogger & her hilarious post.. Please let me warn you ahead of time- empty your mouth of any soup, soda, water or other liquids BEFORE clicking the link. Anyone who can put a humerous twist on a visit to the Va-Jay Jay dr is on the top of my read list. Va-Jay Jay in itself makes me laugh! I've never heard that term for that particular part of the body until another friend recently told me a story where her 17yo calls it that.. I guess I personally don't have a name for my uhmmm... ho-haw? I certainly dont say the 'v' word nor do I ever use the "c" rhymes with runt word.. hmm maybe I'm a prude? Ok , forget about me and go read Crystal's post! Do. It. NOW!!! :)

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