Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Change is GOOD , yes?

Something you may not know about me yet.. I get bored very easily. So I was bored with the old template and feel that this one is a much better fit.. Plus I changed the title of my blog.. hmmm am I a bit too much into change lately? Again this one fits better and I like it so that's all that matters right?! I may even change everyone's names!! :gasp: The horror! But ya know everything has to match right? I mean first it was a name change, but then I decided that the old template didn't match.. So off to change the old template, then I realize that perhaps I should change the names too? Maybe I won't go quite that far, after all I'm out of time and by tomorrow I probably won't be in the mood anymore!

Today is one of those days. Drool Prince is on steriods every other day now to deal with his allergies (doc is hoping to reboost his system). TODAY is a steriod day. I don't look forward to it too much in case you couldn't tell. He goes from this sweet loving toddler to something from the exorcist. He runs thru the house tackling Spoiled Princess and running into walls, couches , anything that DARE be in his way. The giggles like a hyena & takes off again. Sure it's amusing the FIRST time it happens.. the 10th time- not quite so funny..

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