Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Meltdown City..

Days are always interesting here in the kingdom. Yesterday morning, Drool Prince was feeling the effects of his steriods & acting like a crazy baby. Tackling people left and right, running into walls and just being destructive. By afternoon, we were left with the fall out.

Meltdown City...

Everything causes a meltdown. Look at him funny and he runs to me yelling MOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE!! UP!! UP!! then proceeds to lay down to sob his little heart out for a minute or two before forgetting whatever evil infraction caused the meltdown and proceeding to get up to play again. Number 1 meltdown cause- no Pooh on TV.. What is with Disney anyway?? Nick shows a million episodes of Dora, Backyardigans & Go Diego a zillion times a day-- Spoiled Princess' favorite shows (ha ha I wrote shoes which would be a whole 'nother post b/c OMG is she obsessed with them) so it is easy to find an episode at any given time to satisfy her tv needs. Disney shows "My Friends Tigger & Pooh" a grand total of TWO times a day.. #1 time is before D.P. is even up.. So that leaves us with one chance to catch it on. I do have an episode DVR'd but we've watched it too many times that it's kinda getting old.. Sure I could dvr more but Daddy Chaos frowns upon lots of kiddo dvr'ing.. Probably b/c I have over a month's worth of Days of Our Lives still saved on there that I'm slowly trying to get thru but it's hard when it tapes a new one EVERY DAY ! lol! But I digress..

Anyway back to our meltdown episodes, Evil mommy that I am, I do find it slightly amusing that the silly boy wants to cry and run to me even when I'm the one that makes him cry! Example :

"Drool Prince, quit getting into the diapers and spreading them all over the floor (silently thanking God that it's just clean diapers but of course I never leave dirty diapers out! ::gasp:: What kind of mother would I be?)."

Meltdown and running to mommy, yes the same mommy that just said no.. ::shakes head:: I just don't get it.. I'm loved no matter what- I guess I should enjoy it while I can, right?!

Side note to self- call allergist to see if we can wean off these steriods a bit faster before mommy goes completely insane!

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