Thursday, November 29, 2007

Death of a foster child

My heart has been aching for days now. Being a foster parent is tough enough but to be faced with every foster parent's worst fear is something else. A 3yo former foster child was murdered- yes MURDERED, there is no other word for it, shortly after being returned home to her biological mother. I did not know this child personally but that makes no difference. This was an innocent little girl who was beat and tortured by her biological mother and her fiance, she was returned to her biomom less than a month ago and is now dead. It is unfathomable to me that this type of thing happens in our world today. I guess perhaps I'm naive to the truth of our world, but it really makes me want to gather up my children and hide.

Indiana is currently pushing for reunification of foster children with their biological families at all costs. Now dont get me wrong, in some cases reunification is a good thing! Everyone makes mistakes and should be allowed an option to change and have one more chance. The problem is when the state pushes things thru with little regard to the innocent ones that will suffer. This was not the first reunification of this little girl, she has been in care before and removed again for abuse. Why were these people given more chances? I read that the prosecutor is asking for life w/o parole for these two people. I personally do not understand this? Life w/o parole when they committed murder? Why are they not getting the death penality. We KNOW that they did it. We know that she died because of their abuse and torture?! The whole situation just tears at my heart. I hope that little Tajanay is resting peacefully in Heaven and away from the pain that filled her last days of life.

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