Friday, December 21, 2007

So as I sit here reading my favorite blogs and talking (typing) to you, I realize that I have sooo many things that I should be doing.. But who wants to?! We're going out of town for the weekend -and while I am looking forward to seeing my dear friends and my surrobaby(ok she's 4 now, I guess she's not a baby- but still!).. I am NOT looking forward to traveling in the pre-holiday traffic.. I never would have thought of visiting them so close to Christmas with all the holiday mess- blah! I'd rather stay home safe and sound and do things like ,hmm I dunno. Decorate.The.Tree!?! Alas, DCS (does anyone think that really stands for dumb.. ohh wait that could turn out not very nice.. never mind) decided that all birth families (or at least those currently visiting their kids) should get the opportunity to have said child ON every holiday- never mind that this disrupts the foster family & there is a reason that said kiddo is NOT at home right now anyway.. Soo because we get along pretty good with Drool Prince's birth father, we all agreed to go visit our friends 3hrs away so he could have his holiday visit over the weekend while we were there (he lives in the vicinity? vincinity?? aww hell, he lives in the same area!) .. This works good for everyone- he doesn't have to drive 3hrs to visit him on a holiday and we dont have to deal with a Christmas day of running here, there and yonder... However this leads us back to traveling out of town on a very busy weekend.. The thing is I just got home from Drool Prince's normal weekly visit, he is not napping so really how can I be expected to PACK!? lol

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