Monday, December 31, 2007

Life has been a bit chaotic the past little while, so sadly I've neglected my blog.. Between a trip to the windy city, internet mishaps and holiday cheer I've just been... well busy I guess! Alas, I am back and ready to babble to you yet again! Missed me huh?!

Where to start?? I suppose I'll start with the trip to the Windy City.. We had a wonderful time! Initially we planned our trip the weekend before Christmas-- not because we really just couldn't resist traveling to a busy bustling traffic filled land of irate drivers and packed cars on a busy holiday weekend-- because stupid DCS has all the sudden come up with this new policy (I swear they pull them out of their butts on random just to tick me off) that birth parents must be allowed to have face to face visits on all holidays.. I'm sure I vented here that Drool Prince's birthdad skipped his Thanksgiving visit (thanks again, nothing like making me go to all kinds of extra hassle on Thanksgiving for nothing) which was very unusual for him.. Once DCS decided that he should take Drool Prince overnite on Christmas day , birthdad told me that he didn't want to do that and would prefer to just meet so he could give him his present.. Finally we agreed to travel to the Windy city (where birthdad lives) to visit with our dear friends (my former IPs and my gorgous surrodaughter) the weekend before Christmas and allow birthdad to have D.Prince for all day on Saturday so his mom & family could meet him. Of course once plans have been final for a while, birthdad decided to change his mind on Friday and wants him on Sunday instead.. Ok, not the most convenient for me but we'll work it out.. Sunday morning comes and I get a phone call- you guessed it, blown off again.. Now he would prefer that I just drop by on my way home so his mom can meet him real quick.. In reality he said he'd just cancel the visit, but I didn't want to get in trouble with DCS so I offered to stop by so he at least got a few minutes of face time.. Soo all this planning and changing our plans for 20mins at his house.. It was irritating.. I mean I really like birthdad, we normally get along really well but this just irritated me- we wouldn't have traveled that particular weekend which happened to be Drama Queen's 12th birthday if it weren't for the visit- but I will get over it.. As we left the Windy city, we confirmed with birthdad that we'd see him on Friday for his normally scheduled visit-- yup, he no showed!! Now that is completely off for him b/c he normally always calls to say he's not coming.. I have no clue what's going on there.. He's skipped every other visit since Drool Prince had his pacemaker put in.. I kinda think he's finally starting to pull back and try to distance himself? I'm ready for this to be done with and have D.Prince adopted..

Soo as I mentioned over the holiday weekend, Drama Queen had her 12th birthday! I don't know how in the world she got to be so old and quite frankly it makes ME feel old! lol! Come on ppl, I'm only 30- I started young! Lol! It's hard to believe that 12years ago on Dec.22 I went to the hospital in labor.. Of course the stubborn child that she was, didn't come out til 5:23am on Dec 23rd after 5long hours of pushing (I told you she was stubborn).. I would also like to note in the stubborn category- Dec.23rd was a long 10days OVERDUE.. Yes it's been 12yrs and no I will NOT let her forget that.. lol! Alas, it really seems she's matured overnite.. Of course the fact that (omg she'd be soo embarrassed if she knew I said this on here) she started having visits from her lovely monthly friend earlier this month doesn't help the feeling old feeling.. I am not old enough to have a menstrating daughter?!! Ugh!!!

Well I've been interrupted at least 5 times while trying to type this out so I think I'll give up for now and do the rest of my updates later! Wishing you all the happiest of new year!! Have fun celebrating tonite and stay safe!!

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