Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Double ohhhh..

The results are in! Spoiled Princess did not make it into developmental preschool.. I'm not really surprised or disappointed as I was pretty sure she's just a bit to much of a smartie pants for it. Sure she has issues and it would have been good to have trained teachers watching for more issues but I'm not going to sit around and pout about it.. I'll get to enjoy having her home with me until At Least next fall, maybe the year after !Lol! :)

Some of her most recent accomplishments would include singing Christmas songs :
You better watch out,
better no cry,
better no pout ,
I tell you why... Sanna Claus is comin to town!!

...... He sees me when I go nighty nighty,
he knows I awake...
Sanna Claus is comin to town!
(ok not all the words but she's close, of course she didn't perfect it til AFTER Christmas.. lol)

Lullabys for Drool Prince :

Rot a bye,
Rot a bye,
Rot a bye me baby...
Go night night.. go night night..
Rot a bye..

And lastly her Abc's ::

A, b , c, d, i, f , p, m, n, t , u, b (attitude king butts in here and says not B,it's V. va va V..-- to which she responds ba ba B), double oooh, x, y and z.. now I knows my ABC next time you sing with me..

I absolutely love the "double oooh", yup one of my personal favorites :)

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