Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow Day!!

Baby, it's cold outside!! But that's not stopping the kids from wanting to go out and play in the mounds of white stuff that was dumped on us over the weekend. And really, what better game to play than 'bury your brother in the snow'? It was a real team effort !

Attitude King thought it was a smart idea to make a snow angel -face down.. hmmm and he wonders why his cheeks are now three shades of red? lol!

Spoiled Princess & Drool Prince loved throwing snow at their older siblings.. the only problem- it somehow went from their hands to their own faces.. They apparently haven't mastered the flinging of snow art quite yet..

After lots of playing, hard work (after all what's harder than walking in snow that comes up to your crotch?) and losing of mittens -aka mommies fuzzy socks (what can I say- they work!)- Drool Prince was sad to come inside while the older ones got to sled just a few more times..
Our first snow day of the year- it was fun, now we'll all sit down to a nice cup of hot cocoa... except Drool Prince of course b/c as S. Princess has discovered hot cocoa- it got milk in it..

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