Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A skool bus!! A skool busssssss!!

Off to school we went today. Spoiled Princess had some testing to determine whether she qualifies for developmental preschool. Boy, was she ever excited because this testing was at Attitude King's School!! Yippee, she kept looking and asking for A.King the whole time we were there :)

Am I ready for S.Princess to be in pre-school -- no way on God's green earth!! I never sent Drama Queen or Attitude King to preschool and would prefer to keep Spoiled Princess & Drool Prince at home with me too. Alas, times are a changin.. We have now progressed to all day kindergarten here :( I'm not too happy about that but admit that with all day kindergarten I'd better be thinking about preschool by age 4 at least because it would be downright cruel to have S. Princess go from all day home with mommy to gone all day.. She does not handle changes well at all! Granted, I still have plenty of time - S.Princess turns 3 next month.. but we're exploring our options..

Spoiled Princess is currently in First Steps- a wonderful early intervention program thru the state to work with little ones birth-age 3- and has been off and on since 9months old. Her 3rd birthday is coming up which means she will no longer qualify for First Steps and the next step is developmental preschool. S.Princess' therapist and I are unsure of whether she'll even qualify for the developmental preschool (she's one smart cookie!) but we agree that it's best to do the testing just in case b/c we'd rather she keep getting help rather than have her fall behind again. We try to be very proactive regarding her birth history & want to make sure that we are prepared for any issues that might arise.

Soo, off to testing we went.. Once we arrived at the school, S.Princess informed me that this was NOT school.. after all, there were no school buses?! I tried to explain to her that the buses dont just sit there all day waiting to take kids to and from school, but in her eyes it cannot be school w/o a school bus! The teacher came to test her and the little bugger took off without even a backwards glance at me (dont' get me wrong, I love that she is comfortable around strangers but geesh!). In the end they brought me this lovely behavioral sheet- they don't feel she's going to qualify academically (yup, smart cookie when she wants to be) but because of a few issues that her therapist and I brought up, they felt the need to have me fill this out.. There are four choices for each question : Never, Sometimes, Often, Almost Always.. While taking this little quiz on my daughter , I felt much like I was back in the fertility office 4yrs ago taking the MMPI preparing to become a surrogate. If you've never had the joy of taking the MMPI or this lovely behavorial test for kids 2-5, basically they repeat the same questions over and over rephrased trying to make you second guess yourself or admit you ARE IN FACT CRAZY! Some examples of questions :

Has a cold . -- hmm nope, my child NEVER has a cold.

Vomits. -- what on command??

Resists change.

Does not do well with change..

So I'm filling this out & doing pretty well but halfway thru I'm thinking OFTEN yes she OFTEN does this.. Wait, did I say often before? I didn't say Sometimes did I , because it's definitely OFTEN.. ugh, it was lovely taking that test.. just lovely! I hope I got an A :) hehee..

Now we wait til Jan 9th to figure out what is decided.. Fun fun.. What a better way to spend the day ? At least Spoiled Princess thought it was fun going to school.. I was hoping it'd be a push towards the potty and being a "big girl", nope, we came home to poop in our pants (ok just her not me- sheesh!)..

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  1. Our "Princes's" sound a lot alike. Mine will be 3 in Feb. and we think she's probably too bright for the Developmental preschool, but there are other issues to consider. I'm not ready to let her go, but we have all day Kindergarten in our District too, so preschool might be a good thing.

    I know exactly what you mean by filling those papers out! I do the same thing, second guessing my previous answers. I've even gone as far as looking back through and comparing! lol

    Anyway, I'll be intersted to know what they say about preschool for S. Princess.


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