Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is it EVER quiet?

So, I was reading Jenna's blog this morning and I started thinking. My house is never quiet. Hello, I have 4 kids, two of which are very loud toddlers, the other two of which are very loud pre-teens. Reading Jenna's topic today made me think, why is it that I want to be pregnant again? Of course I WANT to be pregnant again, but how am I going to get thru a pregnacy with never having a quiet moment? Pregnancy is just one of those times when hormones are on overload and you Just. Need. Quiet. For. Pete's. Sakes!!! Getting my shins slammed into by a dumptruck half the size of Drool Prince probably wouldn't be on my top list of fun times while sticking out to heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere and contracting, but I'm sure when the time comes he'll see that mommy really needs her shins unscathed and detour right?!

Still with that said, I miss it all. Reading about the last few days of pregnancy, painting her toes & shaving her legs (ack I hate to shave my legs, ask my husband LOL), I seriously can't wait to experience it all again (don't worry, it'll be a surrogacy not for myself). Sure, the last time I was pregnant I only had two children & they were both in school for at least half the day so I got a little bit of quiet time. Still I'm looking forward to it. Probably moreso because I wont actually be bringing home a baby to deal with afterwards (although newborns are my absolute favorite stage) so at least I can enjoy the pregnancy while getting sleep afterwards!! I'm sure partly to blame is the interesting fact that not long after birth most mothers tend to forget all the downfalls of pregnancy & only remember the fun and exciting experiences. I'm sure it's part of a grand scheme to keep us humans procreating :)

Now to just find the perfect couple out there to help. I mean, hello there are tons of wonderful couples that are looking for surrogates but this is a huge decision and the match has to be perfect for the journey to be a great one for everyone.. :sigh: I hate waiting. Am I completely crazy? Nah, just a tad right? :)

On a side note- we got to take Drool Prince to the hospital to get his swelling checked out. Bloodwork and u/s later (ironically he did great with the b/w but screamed throughout the entire u/s and took 2 of us to hold him down) they determined that it is not a hernia ThankGod!, but just lots and lots of fluid. So we wait and watch. Back again next week to check on it. While I'm happy that everything looks ok, I kinda wish they had just drained the dang thing! I mean couldnt they have stuck a needle in -all amnio like- and took out all that fluid? Now we get to watch his every move to make sure it doesnt' get bigger, turn red, get warm, appear to cause him any discomfort (or any more than having a tennis ball in his tummy would anyway), or get a fever.. because if any of those happen, well then we should rush 2.5hrs one way to have it checked again.

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