Sunday, November 11, 2007

Well it's officially.. Apparently your belly should not look like this a week after surgery. After asking a few other people on the heart group I'm on (yes I need validation so I dont feel like I'm over reacting to everything which I normally do.. deal with it!), I called and spoke with the surgeon on call. He felt that since Drool Prince is acting ok and it doesn't appear to be bothering him we could wait til tomorrow to bring him in. However it if started to bother him or got any larger we should come up immediately. Doc is assuming that it's most likely blood/fluids from surgery that didn't get to drain.. ::gasp:: Didn't get to drain you ask? Hmm, probably because they took the chest tube out not even 24hrs after surgery and rushed us out the doors. Dumb busy hospitals anyway! Always gotta shove patients out the door in order to put new patients in the beds.
On a side note- Mommy did a booboo and didn't put a onesie on under D.Prince's jammies last nite.. It seems he had a leaky diaper before bed so the onesie got a bit wet, I naturally took it off & just put on some nice warm zip up jammies.. Apparently that was enough to entice our lovely Mr Drool Prince. I got him out of bed this morning only to notice his jammies unzipped & every single steri strip was ripped off along with all scabs!! Geesh!! And they were no where to be found.. Now unless we have a steri strip ripping monster, I'm going to haveto assume that D. Prince decided it would be great fun to rip them off and then hide them someplace that mommy will find a week from now all icky and smelly?
Such fun !!

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