Thursday, November 8, 2007

Family Nite?

Does anyone else do family nite in their household? We started the idea about a month ago- special time that is set aside every week distinctly to spend quality time with the family.. Granted, I spend my entire day 24/7 with the family , feeding them, cleaning up after them, bathing them (once in a while- if I have to), reading to them, teaching them, hollaring at them to do what they're asked just once please! But family nite is different. We've decided that every Friday shall now be deemed FAMILY Friday.. ohhh ahhh.. amazed aren't you? We have either homemade pizza or quesadillas - the kids (ok just Attitude King & Drama Queen)get to help which drives me absolutely batty b/c I can't stand having people in my kitchen when I'm cooking, but on Fridays I'm holding back the urge to scream and threaten with a wooden spoon. (I also realize that this menu is very unfair to Drool Prince since he has milk allergies but at this point in his life, he will eat whatever I give him and not complain that he doesn't have exactly. what. she. has.) After supper, we play a game & watch movie together. Doesn't sound like much but the kids are happy , we aren't eating out quite as much & I can honestly say that everyone looks forward to Fridays for a whole new reason.

Now with this all said- we've had quite a few interruptions in our Family nites. 2wks ago we absolutely HAD to go grocery shopping - I'm talking fridge & cupboards bare!, so we did FN on saturday instead .*gasp* that took some serious talking to get A.King to agree to that b/c he felt that we'd just up and quit something that he deeply enjoys. Last week FN was canceled completely because Drool Prince was in the hospital getting his new little mechanical device implanted and recovering from that. This week.. well we have haircuts scheduled.. However we're still having FN, just no pizza- I've talked the kids into going for mexican instead :)

Anyone else want to share what they do to try and bring the family closer together? I love traditions and can't wait to start more :)

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