Saturday, November 10, 2007

Climbing, bouncing, driving mommy insane..

Why is it that kids always want to do the one thing that they shouldn't? I mean honestly do you think it's a plot against us parents? I'm sure little kids unite and go over what drives their parents insane. I can just imagine them in preschools and daycares plotting the next new thing to try..

Of course that doesn't explain Drool Prince since he goes to neither daycare nor preschool.. My most recent source of irritation is that Droo Prince absolutely refuses to SIT on the couch.. He must climb up and down, stand up , bounce around and just try to give mommy a heart attack in general.. Watching him today reminds me of what the nurse told me prior to his surgery - it should take about a month for him to get 100% back to normal. Uhmm, apparently she's never met MY son.. It's been 1wk since he was released from the hospital and if this is not 100% back to normal, I dont know what is?!

Now to try and spend the rest of the weekend w/o any injuries and we'll be fine! To top it off , I'm getting sick & Drool Prince sounds like Darth Vader.. Don't ask me how it happened, I've been staying home & avoiding any family members that might be sick for the past two weeks. D.Prince's white blood count was elevated before surgery but no sign of sickness so we got to go ahead with it. Now a week later he sounds like poo.. Blah. I hate colds!

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