Thursday, November 8, 2007

Most Caffeinated City in US?

Come on, what's your guess?? L.A? New York? Miami?

Well if you guessed Chicago then you'd be right (and no I dont consider it cheating that I didn't offer Chicago in my options above.. deal with it)!! According to Reuters Life!, the windy city is the most wired city in the nation. I can't say that I'm really surprised.. I mean have you been to Chicago lately? There's a starbucks practically on every corner. I've never seen so many people drinking coffee that costs as much as a quick fast food value meal for a single drink!! I'm not a coffee drinker to begin with -love the smell, can't stand the taste(although oddly enough I love jamocha shakes, go figure)- but I can't imagine ever spending that much money on a single drink for myself every day.. Call me frugal, cheap ass, or a tightwad- I fully admit it! lol! So for all you coffee lovers out there, if you are feeling that the people around you just aren't caffeinated enough- move to Chicago, I'm sure you'll be in good company there!

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