Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The one with the forgetting...

It was a typical evening in the Chaos household : all of the boys were downstairs playing, Spoiled Princess was at cheerleading & Southern Darlin' was at the kitchen table working on homework.   I had just sat down on my bed while I looked through a pile of papers  when Southern Darlin' pops her head in and says "Uhmm, Mom? Dad?  Are you guys going to go get Spoiled Princess? Did you forget about her?? I mean it's 5:58 !!"  

She was actually getting upset. LOL. I gently reminded her that SP was cheering at a game tonight and wouldn't be done until after 7pm which had SD breathing a sigh of relief.    Normal cheerleading practice is over at 5pm so if we had forgotten her - we had really  forgotten her. lol!

I'm not sure why in the world she thought we had forgotten SP, it's not like I forget the kids on a regular basis.  Sure there was this ONE time a few weeks ago and I wasn't even late to pick them up!

Once a month SD & SP have student council after school.  It just so happen that SP also has cheerleading practice (both at the school building) and so she splits her time between the two. Adding to the craziness, Dimples has group therapy after school 15mins away and Yep! you guessed it, they all get out at the exact same time!   On this particular day, Daddy Chaos was at home with a sore back and so I assured him that I would pick up Dimples a few minutes early and then swing by to get the girls.  Off I went, grabbed Dimples - who happened to be in a talkative mood- and chatted with him the entire way home.  It wasn't until I walked into the house that I realized (okay I admit it, Daddy Chaos realized it first) that I had driven home vs going from therapy to school to grab the girls.  So I hightailed it off to school and arrived toward the end of the line of parents picking up kids.  STILL I wasn't technically late.   But I made the mistake of mentioning to Southern Darlin' that I had forgotten to get them and had to rush over.  She apparently it going to let this one go. 

In my head - no one sat outside alone and wondering, I was there with the other parents and so it doesn't count. In her head - I admitted that I had forgotten them for a brief moment and therefore it can and will happen again.    sigh.

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