Friday, January 10, 2014

Post-Disney Blisss...

Hi Guys!   Happy New year and all that jazz...  Sorry I've been MIA a bit longer than I expected.  After 9 + days without a computer (but who needs a computer at Disney!?!), I came home to the Snowpocolaps...  -40 with wind chill temps and kids with cabin fever.  I honestly didn't even get onto the computer until Tuesday when I absolutely had to (review blog stuff due).  Beware-- this post is going to be absolutely laden with photos... You have been warned..

I'm trying to get back into the swing of actually being on the computer, which seems weird since I basically live on it normally.  Amazing what a break can do to you!

Anyhoo- we all survived the Great Disney Vacation.  The little kids survived at home with Gpa and Attitude King and were none worse for the wear if a bit smelly when we got home.  Never leave a 15yo boy in charge.. Especially a 15yo boy who has to be reminded to shower and brush his teeth.   uhm... yeah..    Fishing Pole spent the week at Cowie's because I thought  #1) it was best to separate him from the other kids for an easier atmosphere all around #2) he always gets completely spoiled at Cowie's house and he deserves a little spoiling and extra attention with all the crap he has going on.   He did really well there.. I could tell (maybe from the zillions of texts when he would steal Cowie's cell phone and the questions of how many days til I picked him up) that he got a little homesick after a few days.  It was actually nice b/c in his worst moods he is always swearing that he can't stand me and wants to live with Cowie.. Nice to be missed once in a while :-)  Unfortunately for him, Cowie is not a 15yo boy and so he was forced into many baths while we were gone.. I'm sure to hear him tell it, he is nothing but a prune by now.

Daddy Chaos, Drama Queen & I had a wonderful time at Disney.  We stayed at the Caribbean Resort this time around.  While it was pretty nice, I definitely prefer my Animal Kingdom Lodge..  I'm spoiled like that.. lol.  The location was much quicker for buses to the various parks though, so that was a plus.

When we checked in, Drama Queen was able to snag not only a fairy wand but also a cute purple balloon..  Yes, she's a big kid.. ha!  She was always so excited (again , big kid!) when housekeeping would make our beds each day and put her wand & balloon on her bed.  lol.   Me, I like the Mickey head w/ towels.

 I swear to you Every.Single.Time we left our room and started walking to the bus stop, the bus we needed would be pulling in. Naturally we could never make it in time and were forced to wait for the next bus.  Drove me insane.. I wouldn't have minded waiting at all if I hadn't see that dang bus.. Argh!..  The bus issue and the fact that we went during a high peak time (we NEVER do that. We always go off season) meant it was super busy and I hate crowds, were the only downfalls.  Still I was prepared for the super crowds and we still had a good time.

Christmas Tree @ Hollywood Studios (aka MGM)

Drama Queen and I chased down the Green Army Man for a picture :)

The Tower of Terror is one ride that I have never once rode..  I never plan to either.. *shivers*   I was happy to stand and play on my phone while Daddy Chaos & Drama Queen went on it..  More power to them.. ick.

Christmas Tree- Main Street USA (Magic Kingdom)
The first day we went to Magic Kingdom, it was packed.. Actually two of the days we went there, the park hit capacity pretty early on.   I was super glad for the opportunity to test the new Magic Bands - which also gave us the ability to FastPass items from home before we even left.  Only 3 FastPasses per day but hey it was wonderful!   We also learned that we could still do FastPasses with our cards as well. SCORE!

Our cute Magic Bands..
So the Magic Band thing is pretty cool if you haven't had a chance to try it out yet (still in testing phase).  Basically your band is your key to the world.  It gets you into the room, pays for your dinner, gets you into the park, does your fast passes. Everything!!!  We all three fought over who got to open the door or pay for meals.. ha.  They were just so much fun!

I honestly didn't take a ton of pictures at Magic Kingdom because I've been there a zillion times and it was super packed.. But I did love some of the changes they've made!  Rapunzel now has a tower (just for show) and the bathrooms have moved over there... The above picture was at the entrance of the girls bathroom.    Honestly, I have more pictures but we tried to save my phone to check reservations ect, and I haven't taken the rest off of Daddy Chaos' or DQ's phone yet..  I suck ... I may make a second post with the rest of the pictures, or I may forget.. We shall see..

My favorite part about Animal Kingdom is definitely the animals.. More specifically the Giraffes!   Love them!  They are by far my favorite animal! :)  Here is their baby.. How cute!!!  I just want to take him home with me.. ha..

New Year's Eve at Magic Kingdom is pretty cool.  I love the icicles on the castle!!  And the colors always amaze me!!

Alas, so many of my good pictures are not on my phone and not here to share.. But if I wait until I steal them back from everyone else's phones... well who knows when I'll get this posted..

I'm off to update the surrogacy blog now...

but in case you wanted a sneak peek....

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