Thursday, December 26, 2013

Off to the House of Mouse !!

So much to talk about and absolutely no time.   Starting tomorrow, I'll be officially on vacation and won't be back here until well into January.  This is your warning!  I will be back.. I haven't abandoned you all.  Life has just been crazy busy between the surrogacy, Christmas / birthday shopping and life in general. 

Tomorrow - Daddy Chaos, Drama Queen and I head out for our first vacation- just the three of us.   We promised Drama Queen many years ago that when she graduated from high school, we'd take her on a trip anywhere she wanted to go - just the three of us.  We'll do the same thing with Attitude King when his time arrives.  I guess as a little celebration of who we used to be before we became such a large family.  In any large family, the older children tend to help take care of the younger ones and don't get as much attention (although completely unintentional!)..  It just happens.

And so Drama Queen proved once again that she truly is a mini-me.  She chose the ultimate vacation--  Walt Disney World!   So tomorrow we head off (yes, I realize that she hasn't graduated yet, so it's more of an early graduation, Christmas & bday -- because yes my darn kid has aged yet another year and now is officially an ADULT!! arrgh!) to the Sunshine State..  The lils are jealous , naturally.   I'm more than a bit nervous about leaving them at home... most especially Dimples.   But I know they are in good hands, as the Grandparents are going to be staying with them.

Cropped picture trying to cut out the photo bombing Dimples.. Little Stinker!
These are some of her jammies she got for her bday! lol!  It was Disney Themed 18th Bday!

I'll probably have lots of pictures and stories to share about our 1st ever adult Disney trip :)

Now I need to go pack..... because I procrastinate like that.. :-)

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  1. Have fun in the Kingdom. Read the tip books and get their early...And RUN to the far side of the park. If you want to do Flying Dumbo do it then or not at all. It really isnt' that great of a ride.

    I want to get there and see the new Fantasy Land.

    I hope you give us a report when you get back and don't forget to sing 'It's a small world after all!'


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