Monday, September 30, 2013

Some things you just shouldn't open with your teeth..

Disclaimer  here in big bold print -  I apologize in advance for the gross images that may come to mind while reading this post.  It can't be helped.  Some things need to be said. 

Dear Playtex makers,

  I would like to personally thank you for redesigning the packaging of your tampons.   I am a bit of a tampon snob and have been a faithful Playtex user for many years.   My one and only complaint has always been the strength in which it takes to open your tampons.   I have spent way too many moments sitting contemplating how to open a tampon wrapper that refused to open.  It's a bit gross to put it between ones teeth like a sauce packet (my 17 yr old daughter is gagging at the thought and would like me to comment on how completely and utterly wrong this is) but sometimes it has to be done.  The little package just won't rip sometimes and when you are down to your last tampon, you do what you have to do.

This is why I'm writing you today to thank you for finally redesigning the one flaw in your tampon delivery service.

For those of you who aren't in the 'know' - the packaging has been changed so that even a two year old could know easily open it without any worries !  I cannot tell you how much relief this gives me when I have to use this product.

Many heart felt thanks!!

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Somehow this tampon talk brought up the famous double wiping/ toilet paper post to which my darling daughter Drama Queen has the answer.  In all her 17 years of wisdom, she feels it is beyond silly that Ms. Random & I did not know why there were two separate (one textured and one not) toilet paper holders.

The answer is quite simple :   The non-textured is for when you just tinkle.   The texture is for when you need something with a little more substance to it to 'wipe' the rear area.    And now you know.

P.S.   This post is in no way sponsored by Playtex , however if they feel so inclined - I'd happy take a free box or dozen.. lol  :)

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