Thursday, January 24, 2013

Waving the white flag

Hi All !

Sorry I've been MIA for a bit.  If you read the review blog, you know I've been pretty busy over there lately.. It's easier to write reviews & do promos /interviews.. I don't have to *think*.  I think I've avoided here for a while because I just don't want to deal with the mountain of crap that's piled up and it's easier to avoid.. No excuse and I'm done with it! 

Soo... We've lived in the new house for 2 months now and I have yet to take pictures to share with you!  Sorry! I know several have asked.. I will make it my goal to get it done this month! lol! 

The good news is I have unpacked *most* our stuff.. The bad news is that all that's left is the misc crap that I don't need on a daily basis so I'm horrible about just leaving it in boxes tossed in the closet. Ugh! I hate that about myself but I have no motivation to find a place to put it..

I absolutely love this house. It is 100% perfect for us.  Some days I just come home and sigh and think about how much I love this house.  Pathetic isn't it?

We live about 4mins from Daddy Chaos' work so he has been coming home on his 30min lunch break. I love getting the chance to spend a few quiet minutes (with Dimples- ha, when is there really quiet with Dimples around?) with him each day.  I about have everything timed perfectly to where I can have his lunch ready and waiting when he walks in the door.. Little 50's wife I'm becoming. ha.  I even make my bed every day.  Shocked, I know!

The kids are all settling into their new schools.  They all seem to like it fairly well. In fact, I'd say that after just a few weeks at school- they(little kids) like this one better than the old school where they've spent 2-4years!  Even Dimples - who is horrible at transitions and took a full year of his old preschool before he would talk to them- LOVES his new preschool.  He is thriving in this new atmosphere.  Before he was in Developemental Preschool which was all inclusive . So while he only had 8 other students (1 teacher & 4 para's) some of them were pretty severe.  In this district, being so large, they only keep the most severe inclusive.  Dimples was sent to a church preschool but the school still comes in and does his therapies plus he has a private Para just for him.  It's amazing.  I never in my wildest dreams imagined that they would adjust so well.

Well I just wanted to take a few minutes to check in and make sure everyone knew I was still alive! lol :) I pinky swear to be back soon! 


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