Friday, January 25, 2013

Date Nite 2013- #1

Date nite with Daddy Chaos tonite!!  He announced Wednesday that we were going out.. Yay! We rarely go out other than to grocery shop.. lol! Yeah, we're fancy like that.  Yet a task has been set down- since we moved I lost my favorite Mexican restaurant.. I have been valiantly trying to find a replacement in our new town and so far have instead found every Mexican restaurant that I will never set foot in again.   Daddy & I drove past one that we didn't know existed and thought "What the heck?"!  It certainly couldn't be any worse.. lol!

I am happy to report that we have finally found a keeper!!  I was not 100% thrilled with the chips (they weren't warm and possibly store bought, not sure) but the salsa, queso and food was wonderful!  And Plentiful!   We had leftovers and every time we got into the car after that we would both take a deep breath and say "Mmmm , the car smells good!".. lol.. Nothing like a little leftover Mexican air-freshener :)

After our lovely and filling dinner- Daddy decided we should make a night of it and go to the movies.  YAY!!  I have been dying to see Les Miserables.  I have never seen it before but I know all the songs.. Ironic, huh?  Back in middle school/ high school, one of my girlfriends and I would sit around her room singing all the songs to either Les Miserables or Phantom of the Opera.. lol.

Let me first say that Les Mis.... Not a good date night movie. Unless you prefer your date to be sobbing all over you and constantly wiping snot on your sleeve.  *ahem*   I spent approx 2hrs of the 2.5hr movie bawling.  Pathetic huh?  I knew the jist of the movie from knowing the songs but something about putting it together and watching it just tore me up.  I am definitely awarding it the first movie to ever make me cry so many times consecutively.  I swear the tears would barely dry up before something made me cry again.  I thought maybe I was just a softie but Daddy Chaos assures me that others were the same way.  Glad it wasn't just me.
 - Side note ~  Who knew Hugh Jackman   or  Russell Crowe could sing??!
- Another side note ~  I only sang along in my head.. Okay maybe I mouthed the words but I did not sing aloud nor did I loudly boo hoo at certain points (although I wanted to).

Alas,  a date nite has come and gone.  It will not be forgotten soon :)  Now I'm off to download some Les Mis songs so I can torture my children with my singing!


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