Sunday, October 14, 2012


Life is always full of twists and turns, isn't it?

If you've read here long, you know I've been "looking" for a new house for eons.  Nothing serious, just always browsing the ads and trying to find my *perfect* house.   For a while, I was sure we were meant to move to Florida..   Housing was cheap, they had jobs in Daddy Chaos' field  and best of all Mickey Mouse!   It didn't work out.. It was more of a pipe dream anyway.

Still I browse the ads and look at houses.  I love my house, don't get me wrong.. It is a great house.  We just need a bit more room.  When we moved here we had 3 kids and now that number has doubled. This house was over double our first house and I remember when we bought it 7years ago, we said "Oh my gosh, we will never been able to furnish that house!".   Sadly, 7years later we are bursting at the seams.

Daddy Chaos puts up with my house hunting.  We drive past houses and have even looked at a few over the past year but never fell in love with anything enough to say  Okay, let's move.

Until now.

My list of Dream Home Requirements :

1. Big Front porch
 - momma needs a a big ole porch with a porch swing :)

2.  Stairs with a landing

 -  I have always been obsessed with stairs that had the landing halfway down.  Yes they take up more room than traditional stairs but I just love them. I like that little resting place halfway up.  No one will fall more than halfway down.

3. A Master bathroom w/ big tub
- we have never had a master bath. A bathroom just for us grown ups..A place with a big tub that I can go soak/hide in when I need to get away.

The new house meets every single requirement and then some.  We went and looked at this one (super close to Daddy Chaos' work , another plus!) and the minute I walked in I told Daddy Chaos- "This is my house. I can feel it. "

With the pesky little things like selling our current house (ha, to my BFF Sasha aka Ms. Random - how convenient is that?) to getting an accepted offer on my dream house.. Little matters, this house was meant for me.  I felt it the minute we walked onto the porch.

Once we get thru all the lovely things like inspections and closing- the Kingdom of Chaos will be moving to our new bigger abode..  I'm so excited yet a bit sad as well..  Excited for the bigger space, more room for everyone to spread out.   Sad to be moving 30+mins away from my friends and community that I've come to love.  Sad to be leaving the house that three of my kids came home to me for the first time in.   It's bittersweet really.   But I'm ready for a change.



  1. That house is beautiful. I loooove the porch. I hope everything works out.

  2. Did you sell your house? tell us about it...I'm nosy like that!
    (I am a real estate agent so love tohear about tales from the trenches)

    Oh and loved your book reviews...going to start on 'Matched' right now.


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