Friday, February 3, 2012

Playing Catch Up..

Okay, so it's been roughly a week and half since I've posted.  My bad.   I guess it's time to play catch up :-)

~ We celebrated my birthday over the weekend. By celebrating, I mean I invited them all over and cooked them all supper.. Mom brought dessert.  I loved being surrounded by my family :)  Both nieces came (along with 1 boyfriend) and my nephew- who we see no where near enough!  It was so nice , I'm trying to convince everyone that we should do a family dinner at least once a month, they just laughed and said with all my kids we already do.. lol.

~ Monday morning dawned as the day I turned 29.. again..  I think I"ll just stay 29 until the youngin of our friend group (ahem- Sasha) catches up with me :-)   I was treated to something I've never had before.  A breakfast birthday party with a few friends.   Sasha insisted it wasn't a party without blowers (what are those really called?) and a party hat.. HA!
*Note- I was trying to hold the blower out of the picture, NOT give myself a nipple tassle..  Someone just didn't zoom the picture in properly.. lol. *  I was thankful to have such great friends.. And not just because they got me thoughtful presents..  :-)

Mom came over and bought me enough lottery tickets to equal my age.. You know, 29.  *ahem*   Although I spent more than 10 minutes (because there were several bingo ones, not because I'm old.. lol) scratching to my hearts content, I didn't win a damn thing.   Still = best birthday in a very long time.

~ Also on my bday, the winner to the Witch Way Bends book was chosen.  Congrats again Lillea !!!

Okay, enough bday day stuff..  Moving on.

~ Dimples has went back on a no eating binge..  Thankfully he will drink, so I've been throwing pediasures at him.

~ Fishing Pole has had a difficult week at school.  He has come home twice wearing his extra clothes instead of what I sent him to school in.   I always pack extra pants in case of accidents- however, he wears pull ups to school and has a supply of them in the nurses office where he goes to change them .  So he is peeing it enough that it leaks out and soaks his pants too.  TWICE this week.  ugh.  The boy is killing me.  I honestly do think there is something going on there but we are still waiting for our urology appt.  I also think that part of it (not all) is behaviour and it's soo hard to figure out how to react.. He'll be 6 next month.  SIX.  :sigh:    He also was apparently in "red" all week and spent yesterday's recess  with the principal.  Nothing huge just tons of little things.  I guess I'm not the only one that he pushes buttons with anymore. We have a therapy appt coming up, although I have no idea how to help him. He is such a sweet loving kid until suddenly he's not.   I was so sure the raised rate on the pacer had fixed everything.. It definitely helped- we haven't had the "bad" mode for quite some time but it's still coming back.

~ Spoiled Princess was invited by one of her BFF's to a kids church program.  She had an absolute blast and wants to go back.. Which leads me to the decision- If I let her go back then I should probably send the rest of the Tequila gang.   I am most definitely NOT a churchy person.. Beyond that,  I'm not sure with Fishing Pole being in his "bad" phase that it would be the best of ideas, yet I don't want to make it seem like a punishment if the others went w/o him...  Southern Darlin's  BFF (the one who beat her up last year.. ugh) also goes to the program and I'm not sure I really want to encourage more time together for them either.   Decisions, decisions.

~ Lastly, probably the main reason I've been ignoring you.  My other love, books.  I've been sucked into yet another series.. P.C. Cast 's Goddess Series..  Awesome, loving it so far although mermaid sex in the first one just throws me for a loop.  I mean they have tails right? I just don't understand the logistics of it all.  Trying to figure it out just disturbs me.. lol. 

And that my dears has been my last week +..  What's going on in your life?


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